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Hawa Camara

Creative Director

I'd like to think I've been a creative since 6 years old when I first began putting on full Halloween productions for my family. That little girl has since blossomed to a lover of all ​things creative. After receiving my degree in journalism and entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia, I'm now co-owner of a private studio space in Atlanta, Ga by the name of Hous11. Hous11 features an event space, podcast studio, concept store, photography studio, beauty room, and a conference area. It is the creative playground I've always dreamed of.


Through client work and my experience managing Hous11 over the years, I've learned so much about the general creative process including: direction, content creation, strategy, marketing, casting, blogging, styling, and the writing process to execute such projects. I'm mostly interested in working with editorial and fashion brands however my portfolio is pretty diverse.


My strongest asset is my creative vision and intuitive ability to bring brand identity to life. Since October 2021, I've taken my creative pursuits to NYC. I'm excited for what this new playing field will bring! 

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